Eric in Prison

Eric Adams Arrest Status: NOT ARRESTED YET


5/21/2024: City Hall Aide Is Cooperating With Corruption Investigation Into Adams

2/29/2024: FBI Raids House of Mayoral Aide and Fundraiser Winnie Greco

1/21/2024: Adams has told associates he expects to be indicted, perhaps this month.

12/8/2023: UNCONFIRMED RUMOR: Adams has been indicted.

11/21/2023: Will Eric Adams survive the federal investigation into his campaign?

11/20/2023: Eric Adams wasn't arrested today

11/19/2023: Eric Adams wasn't arrested today but the GUARDIAN published an article entitled Could the FBI's investigation send New York mayor Eric Adams to prison?

11/18/2023: Eric Adams wasn't arrested today

11/17/2023: Eric Adams wasn't arrested today

11/16/2023 8:14 PM: THE CITY does it again. More details emerge in Eric Adams's FDNY inspection scheme.

11/15/2023 8:10 PM: THE CITY has today's story - Mayor's Asian Affairs Liaison Raised Big Money — and Big Questions About Her Conduct.

11/14/2023 8:41 AM: Mayor Eric Adams, City Hall ask FBI to cease leaks of campaign financing probe but I'm asking for these leaks to continue.

11/13/2023 9:52 AM: Everybody needs to read 🌶️HELLGATE's story but if you don't have time the Brooklyn Borough President assisting the Turkish goverment with a building in MANHATTAN is NOT NORMAL.

11/12/2023: Eric Adams is a free man...for now.

11/11/2023 11:11 AM: Hizzoner hasn't received his cuffs, but the NY Post has a exclusive story on the mayor's alleged criminal conduct.

11/11/2023 5:27 PM: I searched high and low, but according to my sources, Eric Adams remains a free man.

11/11/2023 11:10 AM: No change in Eric Adams' arrest status. Continuously monitoring news sources for updates.

11/10/2023: Confirmed that Eric Adams has not been arrested. Checked news websites for verification.
Update: The FBI seized and made a copy of Eric Adams's iPhone. This is the first time a 3-letter agency has cloned a New York City Mayor's phone.

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